2017 New Blood Legacy List

Boom-baps. Snare kicks. Metaphors galore. 808’s and bass thumbing. Rhythm and poetry… Hip-Hop has a brief, yet rich history in producing some of the world’s most dynamic poets while affecting the mood of society’s patrons, educating the world with words and innovative business moves, and keeping the world bouncing and grooving.
It appears that everyday there are new hip-hop artists popping and starting the next dance craze or the next poppin’ hook that everyone repeats. Many of the individuals don’t last long though. Some of the people are crowned as the “freshmen” to lookout for, but we all know most of them selected as the hottest will never “graduate” in the game…
With that, this is my list of new artists who continue to push the culture of hip-hop in its entirety. This isn’t just about the bars or the beats, but is about the totality of the artists expressing themselves and being authentic to their art and craft. Hip-hop culture is creativity, it is rebellion, it is self-expression, it is high energy curation, but most of all, it is STILL about them bars and beats!
Here are the new artists that are continuing this hip-hop culture to the fullest extent! (Note: There will be 16 artists in honor of spitting a Hot 16 bars!) Your 2017 New Blood Legacy artists:
Mick Jenkins
Southside in the motherf… He’s put in the work with his ever expanding concepts and fluid rhyme scheme. Bars on bars… and don’t forget to Drink More Water!
Song on Repeat: P’s and Q’s
• Latest Project: The Healing Component (THC)
Little Simz
Across the pond in England, Simz puts on for the Brit’s hip-hop culture and for female MC’s all in one. She’s giving hip-hop another crossover to our people in England.
Song on Repeat: Doorways + Trust Issues
• Latest Project: Stillness in Wonderland
Heading way North, Montreal, Canada to be exact, Kaytranada started remixing 90’s R&B and has helped to pioneer a new soundwave in music. This producer hasn’t turned 20 yet!
Song on Repeat: Sweet F’n Love ft. Alicia Keys
• Latest Project: 99.9%
Trap Jazz is the genre. This singer and amazing saxophonist brings the junk and jazz back in to the hip-hop scene. From the DMV, land of the Go-Go!
Song On Repeat: Navajo
• Latest Project: Pink Polo EP
Home of the Badgers and Trapo, Madison, WI. This rugged voice MC gives you a variety of melody mixed with his rhymes to convey his skill on the mic.
Song on Repeat: Road
• Latest Project: She EP
Westside Boogie to be exact. Compton ain’t just K. Dot. Don’t let the small speech impediment fool you for one second, Boogie is the real deal. Compelling stories about his life, his neighborhood and that one woman he wants love from.
Song on Repeat: Still Thirsty
• Latest Project: Thirst 48 Part II
Nick Grant
A true throwback when it comes to giving us pure bars! From South Carolina (residing in Atlanta) Nick is sure to please the ears of any “hip-hop purest” out there!
Song on Repeat: Class Act ft. Young Dro
• Latest Project: Return of the Cool


BeFunky Collage 2017 New Blood

Dante Higgins
Gold grills, swangers and adapters, and lean. H-town representer might not give you that homegrown Houston sound, but make no mistake, HIG stays representing for the 3rd coast with rhymes for days, weeks, months…
Song on Repeat: Play Dumb ft. Paul Wall
• Latest Project: King Pen
Las Vegas has more than gambling and street walkers. Euroz puts on for the desert with his smooth tempo and like on Drake level and wordplay to match up with CyHi.
Song on Repeat: Gospel
• Latest Project: For No Good Reason
Blaq Tuxedo
It’s good to see a duo again! Coming out of Kevin Johnson’s Sacramento, these producer/rappers bring the West Coast heat with some fire after-party production.
• Song on Repeat: New Sacramento
• Latest Project: Tap In
If you say southern lyricists don’t exist, please leave your computer screen. Straight out the A (Atlanta), you would think he’s an Andre 3000 disciple with his intricate wordplay and rhyme scheme.
• Song on Repeat: Never
• Latest Project: The Never Story
IDK (formally known as Jay IDK)
If you love concept albums from beginning to end, then check out Jay IDK from PG County. His stories paint pictures that paint an entire scenario. See (and hear) for yourself.
• Song on Repeat: How Long/Last Song 2
• Latest Project: IWasVeryBad
Cousin Stizz
Suffolk County’s (Boston) own gives you gritty street tales and lessons that captivate you due to his slower, yet highly understandable lyrical pace. There’s more than tea and beans in Boston.
• Song on Repeat: Headlock ft. Offset
• Latest Project: One Night Only
A producer coming from the rainy city and the first Starbucks, Sango remixed R&B songs to start his journey in producing and has now been blending Hip-Hop with Brazilian music, and it’s fire!
• Song on Repeat: Respeita ft. DKVPZ
• Latest Project: De Mim, Pra Voce
Another Chicago representor (the Westside though), combining speed, poetry, and story-telling that brings you into his world and his creativity
• Song on Repeat: Church/Liquor Store
• Latest Project: Bucket List

Sylvan Lacue (formally known as QuESt)
Miami… beautiful beaches, thong bathing suits and one of the hungriest spitters in hip-hop. Formally known as QuESt, Sylvan has found his voice, and he constantly tears these beats the hell up!
• Song on Repeat: Dying Words ft. Linzi Jai (Spoken word by Mickey Factz)
• Latest Project: Far From Familiar

On the Cusp:
Tim Gent

Written by getEJIKEwithit

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