Purpose, Mission, Vision

Purpose… Who We Are

Rooted Rhythm Syndicate is a creative arts company that enhances artists’ skills and capacity in various media platforms through the promotion and development of one’s own dreams and aspirations.  We strive to promote individuality, high functioning creativity, cultural development and harmony in all factions under the true essence of hip-hop culture.


Our Mission to the Culture

Our mission is to promote youth development through creative multidisciplinary arts, promote and develop culturally relevant artists to enhance their craft, and to learn, understand and live a true hip-hop life.


The Vision of Rooted Rhythm

Rooted Rhythm Syndicate cultivates the talents of artists in their respective art forms through production of their arts and collaborations within the syndicate.  We produce avenues to which youth can explore and advance in career opportunities within the multidisciplinary arts.  We promote and contribute to the progression of the hip-hop culture.